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During the VIB Sale at Sephora a couple of weeks ago, I picked up some new things including the new Huda palette! I was really excited since I have never used anything from her brand. I am so happy to see a fellow blogger/YouTuber be in SEPHORA - such a huge accomplishment. 

The palette is a gorgeous mix of 18 eyeshadows with three sets of finishes - there are a unique set of textured eyeshadows, some metallic shadows, and of course, matte shadows. For $65.00 you can get this palette on Sephora or Huda's website. (As of the writing of this post, the palette is currently sold out!) 

I love the versatilely of this palette and I love the textured shadows! They are very innovative and new to put in a palette that you can get at Sephora. Although they are not makeup brush-friendly, using your finger will give the ultimate pigment. If you don't like a chunkier style, glittery pigment, however, this palette may not be for you. 

The packaging is a little lightweight for a $65 eyeshadow palette, but I honestly don't mind it too much. You can see all of the shadows from the outside packaging. The only issue I see is potential breakage during travel, but if you treat your makeup like your first born child like I do, you probably will be fine! 

Check out some swatches below and make sure you watch my latest YouTube video where you can see the palette in action! If you have picked this palette up, let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

xx sara

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