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Last year, Colourpop came out with their Ultra Matte lips and the internet/YouTube world went wild. The site was down for hours and it was so hard to get your hands on them at first! Although the CP Matte lipsticks are not my favorite liquid lipstick formula, I have been enjoying their recent matte releases because I feel that they've been working on and enhancing their formula based on the feedback from their customers! So when I heard that they were coming out with Satin Lip colors, I was so excited to give them a try. 

I purchased six colors: Echo Park, Frickn Frack, Mess Around, Tansy, Toolips & Lost. All of them are super pigmented, opaque shades that look amazing on the lips - and the best part, they are a soft satin/matte finish, they are super comfortable to wear, and they are only $6!
6 hours later

I wore Echo Park in my latest video and from 3pm on, I wore it through the entire night without reapplying. I ate sushi, drank a lot of water, talked/laughed and ended up wearing the lip color for over 8 hours without reapplying! I even applied a lip balm at one point but the color was still going strong. I haven't worn one of the darker colors for that extended of a time, but the wear of Echo Park made me fall in love with them for more reasons than just the color! 

I am so impressed with these for the quality and the price - they are truly amazing. 

Go check them out for yourself and let me know your thoughts!!!

xx sara

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