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I've been SO M.I.A! It was a nice break from social media for the past week or two. Although I've still been posting on instagram, the blog and my YouTube channel have been temporarily on hold. I thought about pre-recording videos, but it was nice to just disconnect for a little bit. But the time away leaves me so  inspired to create! I have a cool Halloween tutorial planned and some other beauty vids. I also did vlog the entire trip! I hope I like the footage and can put up a cool video of it for you guys. 

Aruba is an amazing island. If you've never been, I totally recommend it. It's a very safe place with amazing people and an awesome culture. Their motto is "One Happy Island" and they seriously live by it. I've been to the Dominican Republic, and although it was nice there, I didn't feel safe enough to venture outside of the resort area. In Aruba, we walked the streets at night along with all of the other tourists, drove around by ourselves and ventured out all day without any cell service and felt completely safe and sound! 

We had the most amazing time and I can't believe it's over. We felt so depressed the entire time about our wedding being over too. It's such a strange feeling to plan day in and day out one of the most memorable days of your life, have that day happen, and then suddenly it's over and something that required so much attention and detail is behind you. Our wedding was seriously my fairytale and I felt so beautiful and so loved by Jon, by my bridesmaids, my friends and my family. I couldn't imagine the day being any more perfect. 

The vlog will give you more insider info on the trip and how we navigated our way through the island and just our overall experience. Even if it wasn't for YouTube, I am glad I have this footage of this time in our lives. It's something we will always have to look back on along with our wedding photos and those kinds of memories cannot be replaced! It's weird... I do feel "different" now that we are married. Although we've been together for almost 7 and a half years, I feel some sort of finality and bond to Jon that is stronger now. I can't put it into words the way I feel but it's a beautiful thing to be in love.

Stay tuned for the vlog and more videos from me! 

xx sara

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