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MAC's newest addition to it's foundation collection has me going crazy! I saw it for the first time mentioned by Wayne Goss on YouTube and I knew I had to try it for myself. The new foundation at MAC is the Studio Waterweight Foundation, SPF 30. The claims are that it's medium buildable coverage, lasts all day, keeps oil at bay, oil free, non-acnegenic, and the list goes on. It retails for $33 at MAC stores and MAC counters everywhere! 

I have to say when I first purchased the foundation, I thought I would only use it on days where I was doing minimal activities, like running errands, when I was not looking to really wear any other makeup. I thought that the sheer "waterweight" nature of the foundation would keep it from being something I could wear on a daily basis. I was totally wrong!!! This has been my go-to foundation, even for more dramatic looks! I'm in the shade NC20. MAC's claim that it is buildable is spot on and I love that about this foundation. I will tell you that I am typically not a MAC foundation fan. In fact, I find that the Studio Fix Fluid breaks me out horribly and oxidizes on my skin so badly that even my "correct shade" looks wrong. But this is totally different! And it's amazing.

I have been using the new MAC 196 brush to apply it and it's been working so well for me. I have oily/combo skin, and I will not lie - this foundation does tend to make me look a LITTLE extra dewy. However, I feel that it leaves my skin looking healthy instead of greasy, which is really refreshing for an oily skin girl! Usually, "dewy" looks like straight up "dirty" because of how oily I can look. Ew. 

I can wear this foundation all day without it breaking up on me. If you are REALLY oily, I might steer clear of this one. Even on my combo skin, I tend to look a little more shiny than I like at the very end of the day. I would definitely say this is a long wearing product though! 

I also recently purchased the Smashbox BB water foundation of a similar nature - honestly I haven't been able to use it much because I bought it in my tan shade and I haven't self tanned recently. But I have heard that they are VERY similar in formula, and according to Wayne Goss, EXACTLY the same. On my honeymoon I plan on bringing the Smashbox foundation and I'll let you guys know if I think they are exact matches. 

If you are looking for a sheer to medium (buildable) foundation and want something that looks like your natural skin, I would definitely give this a try! Get a sample if you can before committing to it if you feel that it may not work with your skin type. Dry skin people will absolutely be in love with this product!

xx sara 

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