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Hi again! Today I wanted to share with you some hair care products that I have recently discovered and tested out. My wedding is coming up next year and I was looking to try some things to help my hair grow a little faster ! If you are anything like me, you get depressed at the thought of a trim and I always seem to think that after a trim, my hair looks and feels super short. I came across FAST and they sent me some products to try out for you guys! Thank you, FAST! 

Now let me start off by saying that I think my hair grows naturally at an average pace. Everyone is different and I think that a lot of hair/nail growth has to do with genetics AND also the way you take care of yourself such as the way you eat and what you drink and other things you put into your body. Because my hair grows at an average pace, I thought to try this to speed things up a bit without really changing much of my other habits. 

The kit comes with a 10 oz shampoo & conditioner that is designed for you to use everyday. I do not wash my hair everyday because I just feel that it would make it too dry and in turn, my scalp would produce more and more oil which is never fun. My hair is not coarse or super thick, so it gets greasy faster than others. The idea is to really work this into your scalp for a couple of minutes and wash it out. It does not have sulfates or parabens which is great also! 

I used the shampoo every other day or so for about two months and I definitely saw my hair grow. On average, your hair grows about half an inch a month, and I would say since June, I have seen a little less than one inch per month!

If I had used the product everyday, I can't say for sure I would have seen significant advanced results but I would assume that if I massaged the product in a little more often, it would have had more time on my scalp to work! 

For the conditioner, honestly, the formula is pretty thick and the bottles are very thick and hard to squeeze (what can I say, I am a weakling) so it was hard to use. The shampoo is a little creamier so it was easier to get out of the bottle.

Overall, I am happy with the results of the shampoo & conditioner. I did see some additional length in my hair after using it for two months. The only con in my opinion is that the bottles are a little stiff so it was hard to dispense the product. I don't know if the plastic HAS to be that thick, but it would be nice if it was a little easier to squeeze when you start getting to the middle/bottom of the product. 

If you'd like to give this a try, you can find this on Amazon OR you can go to Nisim International's website here to purchase the 10 oz bottles yourself and see how it works for you! 

Let me know if you end up using the products, and good luck! 

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xx sara

*these thoughts are 100% my own - I was not paid to review these products :) 

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