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After stalking the USPS every hour to find out where my Lime Crime shipment was, they finally arrived today just in time for spring! I have had my eye on some of these colors for a while now. I LOVE the Lime Crime Velvetine liquid lipsticks so I knew I would love the regular lippies too. 

(Above) From left to right: Great Pink Planet, Airborne Unicorn, Countessa Florescent

Top to Bottom: Countessa Florescent, Airborne Unicorn, Great Pink Planet

If you have never heard of Lime Crime, basically it is a brand of unique products with even more unique colors that most cosmetic brands just don't carry! They have grey, mint, black, and orange lip colors (as well as other makeup items!) and they just came out with a new Velvetine line called the Clueless Witch Collection in very deep dark red (maybe even black) liquid lipsticks! Lime Crime is pure fun to me and their products are great quality. And their packaging is amaaaazing! Check it out !

I will definitely be featuring these colors in upcoming posts and videos. Thanks for checking back! Do you have Lime Crime products ? Which are your favorites!? 


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  1. The packaging of the Lime Crime Lipsticks is so pretty I want some!