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Spring calls for fresh minimalism and on most days, my spring makeup routine calls for dewy skin that glows and looks healthy. The way I achieve this look is with some of my favorite new spring makeup products! 

These products are perfect for a work/school day look to look put together but without using too many products. You can use these products and walk right out the door looking like you are glowing from within.

The first thing I like to use on my face is a foundation that is going to give my face a luminous look without appearing greasy. For this, I use the YSL Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation ($57 at sephora.com). It gives coverage but doesn't leave the skin looking flat. 

After that, comes the brows. The best way to get effortless looking brows is with a pencil that can give a natural hairlike look to the brows. I love using the Anastasia Brow Wiz ($18 at sephora.com) to achieve a shaped, but natural brow.

After my brows are done, I will use my Revlon Peach Glow Highlight Palette ($10 at drugstore), focusing my makeup brush in the brown tones of the palette for a nice bronze to the cheekbones, temples, and sides of my nose. This is a great way to contour without actually trying. This highlighting palette also comes in other colors, such as Bronze Glow which will have more bronze tones. 

For the cheeks, I couldn't decide which blush was my go-to so I chose two! Pictured on the right is MAC's Full of Joy blush which is so different than any other blush I have because it is a light, frosty purple! And for a cream blush, I have been loving MAKEUP FOREVER HD Blush ($26 at sephora.com) and this is color 225

For the eyes, I'm skipping the liner and going straight for loads of mascara. I've been combining the L'Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions ($12.99 at drugstore) and the Benefit They're Real! ($23 at sephora.com) for the most voluminous lashes. Without liner, the eyes can look a bit tired, so a lot of mascara will open the eyes right up. 

Lips calls for a neutral but creamy gloss, so I have been really loving the NYX Butter Gloss and this is in the color Creme Brûlée. These are amazing glosses and they are just about $5! 

And this is just my simple spring face! I hope this inspired you to come up with your own spring makeup favorites. Don't forget to check out my latest YouTube video where I mention some of these products! 

Thanks so much for checking back and a new video on my channel will be up this weekend<3

xx sara

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