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I absolutely love spring for the inspiration it brings from the fashion runways to the new makeup collections! Radiant orchid, the Pantone color of the year, has hugely inspired many new fashion & beauty collections this year. Some bold colors are turning up for spring and purple is absolutely one of my favorite colors so I thought WHY NOT show my favorite purple lip options !

MAC Rebel, $15.00,

MAC has some of the best lip colors around and Rebel is an old time favorite of mine. This color is so versatile because of how deep it can be but how sheer it can be at the same time. This berry purple is perfect for a winter/spring transition color and it is definitely one of my favorite lip colors to rock all year round !

Maybelline Color Elixir, Vision in Violet

When these color elixirs came out I was super excited because the packaging and the gloss applicator sold me right away. They have such a creamy consistency and they feel so good on your lips! This bright purple can be sheer or really bright depending on your style. These elixirs come in 20 shades and this purple shade was perfect to add to my collection! 

Maybelline, Lavender Voltage lipstick

And the last favorite purple lip color that I chose is another Maybelline product. Maybelline has amazing lipsticks that are so easy to put on and they are not a pain to reapply. Some higher end lipsticks leave remnents behind which can make reapplication a nightmare. This high intensity color is so pretty for spring and is not your typical daily lip! It's so beautiful and unexpected which makes me love it. :) 

What color lips are you rocking this spring? Leave a comment and let me know !

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