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I finally got my hands on the pomade! If you saw my latest Beauty Haul Video you will know that I was totally bummed about the fact that my Sephora wasn't yet carrying the Anastasia Dip Brow pomade that just came out. I have been a fan of Anastasia of Beverly Hills products for a couple years now - I remember buying my first eye shadow palette from her and being unsure of whether it was a "good brand" . LOL. Once I tried her creamy shadows I was hooked. Then to find out later that she was an eyebrow goddess, I am even MORE of a fan.

If you haven't heard about this product, it's a gel-like smudge free brow shaper that gives definition, color, and fills in the sparse areas. Using an angled brush, you can really get the most perfectly sculpted brows with using a minimal amount of the product. It also doubles as a gel eyeliner so anytime I can get two uses out of one product, I am sold!

I ended up getting the color
chocolate. Even though I am a blonde, I do find that I prefer a brown shade versus a blonde shade. That's just my preference. There are five colors: blonde, auburn (red), dark brown, chocolate, and ebony. Dark brown seems like more of a cool toned brown while chocolate is a little warmer. I probably could have chosen dark brown and been better off, but the chocolate is such a beautiful color! It comes in a .14 ounce pot as pictured above.

I honestly don't know how I am going to get through this entire pot! I really think I could have this pot for a longggg time to come with how little product you need versus how much is in the pot. For $18, I really believe Anastasia has done it again. I have the Brow Wiz from her line that lasts me a really long time as well! So I am really pleased with the price point of the product because you really need the smallest amount to fill in your brows.

Between the pomade and the Brow Wiz, if you are looking for more defined, sculpted, filled in brows, go with the pomade. For a more natural look and for a 5 minute face, I would suggest the brow wiz. This pomade takes some more patience and precision to apply. If you are not a girl (or guy!) who wants to take the time to draw out the brows, I would suggest the brow wiz over this.

Anastasia Beverly Hills offers a brow brush #12 that is paired with this product for $18 as well. It has an angled brush on one side and a spoolie on the other for brushing out excess product and grooming the brows before and after you apply the product. I chose to use an angled brush that I already had and I will use the spoolie that I have from an old brow wiz.

Have you tried the Dip Brow pomade?

You can get it at or Sephora/Ulta!

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