6:29 PM

Buenos noches on this Saturday night - I just wanted to post this video on my everyday makeup routine. Some of you were interested in seeing this so here it is!

First and foremost, I always always moisturize before I put ANYTHING on my face. My face can get dry patches (ewwww) so this just keeps everything smooth and the moisturizer even acts as a little barrier between everything to keep things from caking up. Make sure you wait 5-10 minutes after applying your moisturizer though - you don't want your face to be wet! 

Then I go on to apply all of my products in order as I'm sure you can see. I love me some eyeliner, but if I am in a rush or just shopping or hanging around the house, I won't put it on for the most part - unless I'm bored and I feel a little extra glam that day :) 

Don't forget to set your face with powder and some setting spray at the end for a day full of beautiful makeup and no smudging, caking, or melting off :) 

I hope you enjoy the video! Have a fab weekend and I'll talk to you all soon <3

xx Sara 

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