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I just wanted to show you all today a little review of the new Loreal Lash Out Butterfly mascara! I've been eyeing this up throughout the drugstores and I have wanted to try it so badly! 

I took a before and after picture using the mascara. It claims that it will give you volume and length and I think it definitely did that for me! The brush is very unique (sorry my camera died as I was taking the picture of the wand) and it is tapered toward the top and has longer bristles at the bottom so it looks like a little ramp if that makes sense lol. I didn't even curl my lashes this morning and it made them extra curled and lengthened them like crazy! Look for yourself! 
I did feel a little bit of a spidery effect starting to happen so you just have to work with the wand to get used to it since it is very different than any wand I've ever used. There is anther side to the wand that I use for my lower lashes so that I don't jab myself in the eye using the long part of the brush that really works well. It's small enough to get in there but has little spikes at the end that are good to lengthen the lower lashes as well.  

I really love this mascara and I will be repurchasing! 

Have you tried it? Post a comment below!! 

Xx Sara 

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