CALLING ALL BLONDES :: Say goodbye to gold & brass!

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I wish that I knew about this years ago, or maybe I wouldn't have transitioned from blonde to brown so many times in my life. For those of you who do not know, my natural hair color is a very ashy, dull blonde that I am not particularly a fan of, so since the age of 13, I have put some sort of blonde highlight/ombre in my hair to give it some vibrance!

Everytime my hair would get a brassy look or I was "over" the blonde, I would dye it a drastic dark color to rid myself of the goldilocks ends. Well, now I never have to do this again!

I am planning my wedding for 2015 with my fiancé and I really want my hair to look as "natural" as possible, which to me, means I at least have to stay in the blonde family. This way, when I'm 78 years old and looking at my wedding photos, I am not wondering who that almost black-brown brunette is in my wedding dress :)

My solution: PURPLE SHAMPOO. For those of you who have heard of this, GOOD and THANKS A LOT for not bringing me up to speed :) I have been hating my hair recently and when I narrowed it down, it was simply because of this yellow tone that came across so much in pictures/videos/etc.


OK - so as you can see, the "before" color was a brassy, gold color. As you blombre's like myself know, this is not wanted (unless you are going for this look/color). For me, this is not close to my root color and is not a good look for a gradual fade on my hair and what I want to achieve.

I went in the shower, and applied the Joico purple shampoo (which smells great might I add) and put it in for the 5 minutes that it suggested.

5 minutes is a really long time in the shower when you really can't move too much in fear of washing this stuff out.

Once I was done, I applied my coconut milk conditioner for a couple of minutes to make sure my hair was hydrated.

This is what it looks like - a little intimidating when you put it in your hand ! It actually looks like a deep violet/blue dye.

Look at the difference in one wash!! It says that you can use this shampoo 2-3 times a week and I definitely will use it as often as I can. I have to say that the lighting in my room was not great and I probably should have worn a white shirt to really show the difference, but in person, I can REALLY tell a difference in one wash. Even on the root of my hair, I can tell that the start of where my color is and where my natural re-growth is, matches much better and is a lot more ashy which for me, is my ultimate goal. I am personally a fan of a more ashy toned blonde, but to each her own! 

The point of this clearly is just to keep your hair from getting that old brassy look and keeping it charged up. You can probably get away with not visiting the salon as often (especially if you have an ombre like me! :) )

Let me know what purple shampoos you have used! I will be sure to post my progress after a few more washes. LIke I said, I  can really tell a difference already and I am excited to keep on going to see my results.

xx Sara

Note: this is not sponsored!

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