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So I am sure that most of you have heard of Ipsy !!! If you have not, it's a monthly subscription bag…box… thing… where you get 4 or 5 beauty products for $10 a month! Sounds perfect, right? Well I thought so too and thats why I signed up. There WAS a waiting list when I signed up, but because I shared with Facebook that I was signing up, they let me sign up right away so I was like "ummm… of course I'm going to share it with Facebook. Obv."

Now, let me just say, that I did have a Birchbox subscription for about a year. Birchbox is another subscription for $10 a month. Let's just say, that Birchbox has similar qualities to Ipsy but I got a BUNCH of different types of goodies - and 90% of the goodies, I have never used. Actually, I have an entire drawer dedicated to all of the lotions, postcards (postcards? yes, they actually sent me postcards), and hair masks that have never been opened! Most of the time, I did not get full sized products either. This is totally not a Birchbox bashing session, but I just had to mention that this is not my first time around the block with a monthly subscription box/bag so I actually do have something to compare it to.

The reason I was drawn to Ipsy is because I read about it and saw that they really focus on sending MAKEUP - who woulda thought? I thought this is what Birchbox would do, but I found out soon that it sent me a lot of stuff I didn't like. I was really really eager to get my first Ipsy bag so if you are still reading this, check out what I got for my very first bag!!!

The first difference between Ipsy which I am LOVING is that you get a little cosmetic pouch/bag every month and it is always going to be a different style! IN love with that idea already!

OK … so we will get to the products:
The bottom right corner of this picture is everything I got!

For lippies, I am loving the lip pencil that I got from JCat Beauty. As you can see from the picture, the Red Rose color is a beautiful vibrant true red. The finish is a balmy, waxy, satin finish? It's definitely considered a lipstick but the tip gives you the ability to use it as a liner. It's beautiful and very pigmented. I must mention that this is a full sized product! For $3.99, this has already paid for almost half of my subscription right here! 
The second lip/cheek/eyeshadow item they put in here is a be a bombshell "The One Stick" in a coral red color. This color is awesome for spring/summer and is sheer enough to be used for all three areas of the face. 

Moving on to eyes, meet my new favorite blending brush, the Mirabella Eye Blender - hello, this blending brush rivals my Sephora and MAC blending brushes right now. It is a full sized barrel brush and the retail price is $24! I don't know if Ipsy is hooking me up because it's my first bag, but I was really pleased when I saw this item. I used it today and it really blends well! The only thing i DONT love about it is that the handle is all a metal, and when I wash my brushes with soap/oil/water, I will have to be very careful not to let the handle stay wet at all or else it might rust. BUT, the blend factor on this thing is awesome and its definitely one of my new faves.
The second eye product is the pop beauty "Smokin Hot" eye trio ! This is not a full sized palette from pop beauty, but the size of these individual shadows is awesome! As you can see on my fingers, the pigmentation is awesome and these are such great colors to create a smoky eye so I'll definitely be using this little palette. It's also a good size to take on the go with you if you're going out or something and need some touch up makeup.

I also got some natural lashes in my bag. Really, I love any lashes so this is a bonus! The little makeup bag it came with this month is a nice little black shiny bag with a red inside lining. Cute for a going out clutch or to store your makeup in when you're on the go.

OVERALL: Love the Ipsy bag for my first month! Awesome products for the $10 price tag and because it's all makeup, I will definitely use it up.

Ipsy did not make me say all of these nice things, these opinions are all my own! :)

Do you guys have an Ipsy subscription? If so, did you get anything different this month??? 

Get an Ipsy bag by clicking here!

Love you all for your support! 

xx Sara  

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  1. I love how energetic you write <3

    We got many of the same things but in different shades. My one-stick is a light pink and oh I wish I got yours! That colors is delicious. It looks like you could even use the lip liner with it :) Ipsy is SO SO much better than Birchbox. I think I liked 1 thing birchbox sent me and I was with them for over a year. Love Ipsy! <3


  2. I'm so late to the game with these monthly beauty boxes! I just got my first Birchbox, and like you, I wasn't in love with it. I think I may switch over to Ipsy... Thanks for the great information!