Get Ready With Me : Winged Liner & Bold Lip

12:15 PM

I just got done uploading a new video on my channel of getting ready with me! Of course I used my new favorite palette, the LORAC Pro and a new favorite of mine for liner which is the Marc Jacobs eyeliner pen! These products really made the look what it is. For the lips, I used a lip liner by Milani Cosmetics and then "Jilted" by Urban Decay for lipstick. This lipstick stays on all night and when you retouch it up, there are no little crumbles or ANYTHING! Urban Decay's lipsticks are so smooth and velvety and I am definitely going to be adding them to my lip collection one by one :)

Check out these pictures of how my makeup came out, and please watch the video to see the look come to life!

xx Sara

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