Must Haves :: October 2013

2:40 PM

hi lovers!

So my favorite month of the year is officially over ALREADY and I got some amazing products that I want to share with you that I discovered and enjoyed over the last thirty days. A lot of the products that I loved are definitely going to be my new holy grail products !

You can check out the video here or just keep reading to see my FAVORITE OF THE FAVORITES::

The lip color I am wearing in the photo and the video is from Milani. The color is called Uptown Mauve and I really do think its my absolute favorite fall color. It is a perfect mix of red and purple and IF YOU WATCH THE VIDEO YOU WILL SEE HOW MUCH I LOVE THE SMELL of it!!! It is just the most amazing lipstick smell EVER! If you have never had a Milani lipstick, you should go to your closest drugstore NOW and just smell all of the goodness :)

The next fave of the faves would be the Cera Ve moisturizer. I could NOT live without a moisturizer and this one is really doing it for me. I had a previous one that made me so greasy and I am so thankful that I found this one! It goes on very smooth and creamy and it dries so much faster but moisturizes deeper than other ones that I've had. What draws me to it the most is that it is known to have less ingredients than others and it just is a clean product.

My third HAVE TO HAVE would have to be the Maybelline lip elixirs. If you haven't seen these yet, they are a liquid lipstick/gloss. They are the CREAMIEST lipgloss/sticks I've ever used. The texture is similar to the NARS lip glosses but it is not sticky at all and it is very hydrating for your lips! Gotta have it! I have three colors: Caramel Infused, Signature Scarlet, and Vision in Violet.

The last thing that I think is my fave of the faves is the It's A 10 with Keratin :: this product is something that my damaged, colored hair really needs to repair it and keep it protected from all of the crap I put it through. It has a great smell and it really does what it says it does. It is making my hair feel silkier and smoother in just a few days worth of using it. I will towel dry my hair after a shower, apply it before brushing it, and then apply it again after brushing it. It detangles and hydrates your hair AND protects it from heat and many more things!

Thank you all so much for supporting me - I really appreciate all of the love <3

xx Sara

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