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Today I am going to talk about how to clean your makeup brushes! Have you ever felt like your brushes have caked makeup on them from using them a litttttle too much without cleaning them? Well I tried some brush cleaners and I was a little skeptical of what kinds of chemicals were in the cleaners themselves so I looked up some ingredients that normally would be around the house and what I could use that would effectively and safely clean my brushes!

What You Will Need:

-Makeup Brushes (obv)
-Olive Oil (or Almond Oil)
-Antibacterial Soap
-A Plate
-A hand towel
-A sink

Taking some of the soap and a LITTLE bit of the oil, pour some on the plate. Run the water in the sink to be slightly warm. Swirl your brush into the mixture and then swirl the brush onto your hand to get a lather. Put your brush under the running water and continue to swish it around on your hand until all of the makeup comes out. Once the water is running clear, reshape your brush and let it dry!

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I hope this helped you!

xx Sara

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