12:28 PM

Hi girls! Just a short little post today about the things I got from Harmon! My bro and I were hanging out and doing a little shopping and I was actually able to drag him into Harmon! I've never actually been in there before and for those of you who don't have a Harmon, it's basically a discount beauty supply store/drug store type deal. Sooo I just picked up a couple random things. 

I got some elf lashes, two Sinful Colors nail polishes, a high gloss top coat and a teasing brush that I needed desperately. 

The electro-metallic blue Polish is called Blue By You by Sinful Colors which I was able to get for $1.99! And the taupe nude color (it looks orange in the picture) is called Vacation Time. 

The lashes were 1.00$ so I don't know why I didn't get like 5 of them but hey I'll try them out and see what I think. 

What have you purchased recently? Leave a comment below! Happy Monday! 

Xx Sara 

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