Highlighting & Contouring Using LIQUID! :

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HI! I really wanted to share how I highlight & contour - I see a lot of youtubers and bloggers sharing this but I felt that I do it a BIT different so I just wanted to share that with you all!

If you would like to see the entire VIDEO then go right ahead! Below I am just going to talk about the three main products that I used:

MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer: This is absolutely my new holy grail concealer. I am probably going to rave about it in my Must Have for October video that I'll be doing but ooooomg I love this concealer. It does smell like straight up paint that you would get from Lowe's, but I have to say that it goes on perfectly and leaves the areas that you put it on shine-free and perfectly covered. It is a little thick in texture but it doesn't feel heavy on your face which is definitely a PLUS!

L'Oreal True Match W7: I thought to use this instead of your traditional bronzer to get a deeper contour and a more dramatic look. I definitely would not wear this much makeup every single day so do not think that is what I am saying! Sometimes you just want to have a little extra definition in your cheeks and nose for an occasion and that is exactly what this video is for. This color acts as a bronzer but I feel it creates better shadows because of the fact that it is NOT a powder. L'Oreal is one of my favorite cosmetic brands so this is just another rave about one of their products. If you are just looking for a good foundation for a great value, go get the True Match in your TRUE COLOR!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid: I got this color in N18 - a little darker than the concealer. It is thick - and I felt like I was trying to get ketchup out of a ketchup bottle - but the stuff is great. I felt like I didn't even need to put mattefying powder on it because there was no shine whatsoever! This is probably not something I would wear everyday but it is definitely going to be my go to for going out makeup or for a special occasion due to its full coverage and easy application. It doesn't settle into pores and it looks great for a long time.

OK! SO If you have any requests for videos please let me know and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel to keep up!

xx Sara

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