First Impression! NEW Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation Review

11:42 AM

I am so happpyyyyyy that I bought this foundation. New from Marc Jacobs is this new foundation that I think is perfect for anyone looking for perfect looking skin! I actually think all of his new stuff is perfection but this is the only thing I got the other day just to try out and show you all.

The first thing I love about this is
that you are able to BUILD on this! I put two layers of this foundation on and it doesn't look thick or like cake on my face. My concealer blended perfectly with it and didn't make it look flakey.

I LOVE the finish of this - it's not matte but it's not dewy. It is the perfect, healthy glow mix. For $48, I am happy that you can matte this down or dew it up with some matte powder or a good highlighter.

After applying my Urban Decay DeSlick Mattefying powder over this and my concealer, my other makeup went over this perfectly. I am really happy to say that I've had this on for over five hours now and it still looks great. Because of my Cetaphil moisturizer that I have been using, I am a little greasy in the TZone now, but a little blotting and the foundation itself still looks great.

I put this on using my beauty blender that you can get pretty much anywhere that sells beauty supplies - locally, I can get it at Sephora or This little sponge does the trick when it comes to applying perfect foundation. It doesn't streak or bunch up so it looks amazing everytime.

HOW TO USE THE BEAUTY BLENDER: Make sure you run water on the beauty blender to get it really wet. Squeeze it a few times for it to soak up all of the water. It is so important to get it wet first so that your product doesn't get soaked up in the sponge. After it is full of water, squeeze it out one good time and lightly dry it off - don't dry it too much! You are now ready to put your makeup on using the beauty blender. 

If you're not looking for an expensive high end foundation, I do have two current favorite drugstore foundations: Maybelline FIT Me and L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder. Maybelline's is a little heavier and the L'Oreal is a lightweight coverage.

I got this foundation at Sephora for $48 - check out the rest of Marc's collection too -

Check out the full video about this Marc Jacobs foundation and subscribe to my channel for more! :P


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  1. Been looking into getting this, I have hourglass immaculate foundation and wanted to change it up for winter:)

    1. How do you like the hourglass foundation!? Ive heard good things - let me know what you think of this when you get it!! :)