Smoky Eye Products!

8:18 PM

Hi all!

So my latest is how to get smoky eyes and what I use to get that. I tend to go toward red and brown tones over gray - for my coloring and my green eyes, browns really compliment me over grays. If you have blue eyes I would say the grays would definitely look better on you! Brown and neutral tones seem to look good on almost everyone though which is why I chose this look.

it is a littttttle dramatic! But that's what smoky is isn't it? I got a ton of requests for a smoky eye so I assume it wasn't for a au natural look? 

The Naked basics palette is definitely one of my absolute favorite little palettes ever. It has only a few colors but they are matte colors which I think works best for smoky eyes. Too much shimmer just makes a mess and you can't tell where the lines are supposed to be sometimes. 

The other MAC shadows I used were ones that I've had for a while. I bought them years ago before I was adventurous with makeup colors but they are coming in handy now! I love the MAC shadows because I feel they don't crease. Some of the drug store shadows crease a little more than the higher end. 

I am obsessed with Bobbi Brown gel liner as you can probably tell already! It is so dark pigmented and creamy! Bobbi Brown products are pretty much all amazing but they don't have them in my local Sephora so I never get to try any ! 

After you apply this much darkness all over your eyes it's a good idea to run some more highlighter and concealer under your eyes to cover any fall out and just to brighten up your face. I reapply blush as well because sometimes you can look a little ghostly if you don't get some color on those cheeks. 

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