Highlighting and Covering Dark Undereye Circles!

8:38 AM

The first thing I have to say is thanks everyone for your positive feedback so far and all your support! I've already gotten some specific questions and this is exactly why I wanted to start doing this - to help a girl out.

Hiding dark circles is so important - your makeup can be flawless but if you have dark under eyes, the whole look is thrown off. So keep reading if
you'd like to see how I keep my eyes bright! 

The products below are different things (drug store and high end) that I use to conceal and highlight. 

MAC Concealer Pot - the little round circle concealer to the very left of the photo below is a concealer that I use when I'm doing my makeup mostly for nighttime use because its heavier and thicker. This is great because it doesn't set into the lines under your eyes and it lasts all night. I recommend getting a shade that's a couple shades lighter than your skin color to make the highlight AND conceal effect. I think my color is NW25. Ask your MAC counter employee if they think you are a warm or cool tone if you aren't sure if you are warm or cool! 

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter Pen - right next to the pot is my FAVORITE concealer/highlighter. If you're looking for a heavier look, sometimes I even apply this over the MAC concealer that I mentioned above because it really brightens up your face if you apply it in a triangle shape under your eye. (Comment below if you'd like to see a video on how I apply my concealer!) This is definitely one of my go-to products. Ill wear this even if I don't wear foundation and blend it out nicely to make my eyes look more awake. There are a few different colors depending on your skins undertones. My color is Light Boost which is a yellowish tone for warm skin tones.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer Pen - the product right above the prep + prime is definitely my second favorite concealer product. It's about 8$ and it works wonders! If you don't want to splurge on the MAC pen, I would say this is a perfect runner up. It's creamy and light but has great coverage. The color I use is Ivory which is the lightest shade. Like I said, use a lighter color than your skin tone to brighten up that area! 

NYX HD Concealer - this is a product that I found at my local beauty supply store just the other day! They sell this line in Target as well. I don't think I've seen NYX in Walgreens or Rite Aid but its another drug store priced product that I love. For 7$ it gives a lot of brightening power and full coverage! It takes a little more blending and I would only wear this if I was wearing full foundation because it definitely has more pigment in it than the others. 

The brush you see here is from Sephora - the name of it is Pro Airbrush Concealer #57 if you are looking for a good concealer brush.

 For the MAC pot, I use my fingers and tap lightly for a better application. For ALL my concealer I will set it by using a powder to keep it from settling into lines throughout the day or night. 

Comment below or on my Facebook if you would like to see me use these products in a video and I will post it on my YouTube channel!

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