5 Full Face Fall Favorites!

5:25 PM


So it took me forever to finally post my first video/message but I'm so happy I finally got it done! The products in the video are all things that I love put together for a full face look. (Note these are not ALL of the products I used... if youd like me to mention everything I used, comment below!)

The first must have: NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer - This stuff is aweeeesomeeee. I love the smooth texture and the fact that it doesn't feel thick like most TMs. It definitely could be a little more hydrating but overall I love the way it doesn't leave a dewy finish. It definitely gives me the moisture & glow that I need for the dry cold months coming up!

Secondly, every girl needs a matte face for the upcoming fall. As much as I love a dewy finish, it just doesn't look right in the fall/wintertime. The L'oreal True Match powder is awesome for a matte finish without feeling like you're using your grandma's makeup.

Having the right blush color is key for fall. To get a dusty rose color, I used The Balm's Instain Swiss Dot - this is definitely a staining blush so you have to be careful when you use it. If mine looks small, it's because I got it from a BirchBox sample! It's the perfect matte finish and rosy color for this time of year.

Maybelline makes the best eye shadow quads - I'm using the Fall Temptation quad that recently came out with the limited edition line that are the more purple/wine colored shadows. I think the goldy neutrals are perfect to put with a red lip!

And the last product I AM ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED WITHHH!!! Lime Crime Makeup is a line that I'm sure most of you have heard of - if you haven't you HAVE to check it out. The lip color that I'm using is called Red Velvet, Velvetine which is like a liquid lipstick that dries matte. You don't have to retouch for the most part - the only time I had to when I wore it yesterday was after I ate. It is a little drying on your lips but the color and the lasting power is totally worth it!!!

Thank you everyone for watching! Comment below and tell me what you want me to review next! :)

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